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Tiger Woods, AKA the PGA Tour


Golf is a sport that from a viewing standpoint falls into the category of what I call a “dominance sport.” For the sport to be exciting, there has to be one player that dominates the sport. Swimming has Michael Phelps, track and field has Usain Bolt, and golf has Tiger Woods.

So you disagree with me? You think that swimming would still be exciting without Michael Phelps? Fine, then give me a list of the top 5 swimmers in your opinion. And while you’re at it, why don’t you tell me who the second fasteset man in the world is. Exactly. You can’t think of 5 swimmers because other than Michael Phelps and maybe Ryan Lochte, you haven’t heard of any. And you don’t know who came in second to Usain Bolt because nobody cares. But you’re right, the swimming world doesn’t need Michael Phelps; it just needs somebody, anybody to be Michael Phelps. The media needs somebody to put on all of the swimming posters, and somebody else to be the spokesman for the next best running shoe the world has ever seen.  The same goes with Tiger Woods in golf. Tiger gets 90% of the media attention, while the other 10% goes to whoever is actually on top of the leader board in the golf tournament! Riddle me this: A nobody gets lucky and wins a PGA tour tournament, and Tiger finishes 5 strokes back. Who gets more facetime on SportsCenter? If you answered the what’s-his-name from Nebraska, then sadly you are incorrect.  Whether you know it or not, you watch golf for Tiger Woods. If any other athlete in the world had 500 mistresses while at the same time being married to a Swedish model (props bro), then that man would have been relentlessly beaten down by the media, which Woods was until he decided to take a leave from golf. After that announcement, the conversation suddenly shifted from being about why he cheated on his smoking hot wife with other smoking hot babes to when the hell he would be back on the course. Golf is about Tiger Woods, and absolutely nobody else.  Think about it.  You watch golf for one of two reasons:

1) You like Tiger Woods

2) You like somebody else, only because you hate Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has revived the PGA Tour, making watching golf something that is exciting, almost exhilarating.  And even better, Tiger’s career seems to finally be back on the up-curve.  I look forward to watching him, and only him, in the coming years.  And so do you, whether you know it or not, which brings me to what I’m watching.


This week I’m watching the British Open, or the Open Championship as some people are trying to get other people to call it.  The British Open is the greatest golfing event outside of the United States.  The Open is such a huge deal to those over seas, some British people actually consider taking a shower for the occasion.  But all joking aside, this week all of golf’s greatest players will come together at Royal Lytham & St. Annes to take on one of the greatest tests in golf in an attempt to rewrite the history books and capture the third major of the year.   The Open is sure to provide the action and suspense that all golf fans look to find, and that’s why this week I’m watching the British Open.


Who do you think is going to take home the Claret Jug this Sunday?  If you don’t see your favorite here, tell me in the comment section below.

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